Monday, 8 May 2017

Whiten Your Teeth with Effective Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dental treatments can enhance your smile and appearance to a great extent with its transformative and restorative benefits. In this blog, we have collected some information about the popular cosmetic treatments offered by reputed oral clinics in London. This is to let you stay informed about your oral health.

Some teeth whitening myths you must know

You must have heard about the natural hacks to whiten teeth at home with strawberries, lemons and baking soda. Truly speaking, strawberries and lemons will improve your teeth shade but these are acidic foods that could erode your tooth enamel as well. Coming to baking soda, this ingredient has  negligible effect on your teeth colour and rather affects the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the mouth. These side-effects can lead to harmful dental problems in future.   

About professional teeth whitening in London

If the only problem with your teeth is discoloration, undergoing professional teeth whitening therapy is your key to a brighter smile. Your dentist will use laser whitening process to whiten your teeth in an hour. In case you are into tight schedules, get a home-whitening kit from your dental expert and whiten them easily at home. This process takes a minimum of 10 days to show results depending on your teeth shade.

What is air flow stain removal?

The amount of plaque settled on your teeth if not removed can lead to severe teeth and gum issues. If you have an unremoved layer of plaque or stained teeth, air flow is a suitable treatment for you. With a stream of compressed air and fine particles, it can remove the settled plaque and teeth staining.

Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers

In case you have uneven teeth in shape, colour, size, shape or position, veneers can help overcome the problem. The treatment involves bonding a thin porcelain layer in the ront side of your tooth to hide the imperfections. Composite veneers are an extended version of veneers which includes bonding a composite or white filling material directly on your tooth surface. It gives you immediate results witha bright and perfect smile in seconds.

To replace worn and old fillings

If your old fillings come out, composite bonding can replace the discolored fillings and retain your natural smile.

Before you go for any cosmetic procedure, you must have a detailed consultation with your concerned dentist about the chosen treatment methodology to ensure improved smile and oral health.

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