Tuesday, 22 September 2015

benefits of dental implants

For damaged and lost teeth, there are so many dental treatments. However, dental implants are probably the most trusted and most widely chosen mode of treatment. This is because of the various benefits of dental implants that the patient can be benefited with.

Natural feel:

If you have lost a tooth, the dental implant procedure can offer you strong and stable teeth that will give you a natural feel. The tooth will fit, look and function like a natural one. Hence, all your daily activities will go uninterrupted and you will be able to speak, smile or eat easily.

The fear or embarrassment of losing your tooth-supported artificial replacement or the removable dentures that they might loosen and fall out as you laugh, talk or eat, will no longer worry you. The comfort of this natural implant will help you to be confident and no longer need you to stay at home.

Long term solution:

The tooth-supported dental bridges that are traditional treatment procedures, last only for 7 to 10 years, that too with the need of replacement at some point or the other. The dental implants on the other hand can last for a lifetime. Proper care and a few periodic adjustments will make sure that you face no trouble or need to replace the implants.

Jawbone health:

When you lose a natural tooth and a space is formed in your jawbone, it becomes exposed to injury and its firmness and strength deteriorates. With dental implants, the health of the jawbone is maintained, deterioration and bone loss is prevented and bone growth is stimulated.

Aesthetic value and comfort:

Losing a tooth, having a gap in your jawline can sunken your face and make it look sad. With the dental implants, you can retain your natural smile and the confidence of having the smile that you previously had with the original tooth. Since you will not have to worry about the difficulty with the dentures that slip out from the mouth when eating, laughing, talking or smiling; you will feel more confident. These dental implants look absolutely natural and you can maintain its health with traditional brushing, flossing and other cares. The best clinic for dental implants treatment in Wimbledon ensure that your teeth look like the originals.

Ease of using:

With the dentures, you always have the discomfort and the trouble of adjusting with your teeth. When you speak, you need to make sure that the dentures are properly positioned so that you can pronounce every word properly. However, with these dental implants, you can easily talk without the fear and worry of the implants falling out of the mouth.

Even when you eat, you do not have to keep yourself from your favorite foods. You can always enjoy every food and drink that you like, without any difficulty. There will be no difficulty in chewing the food and you will be able to taste the food properly.

No fear of cavities:

The best part of the dental implants is that they do not get cavities. The replacement tooth or the crown of the implant restored tooth does not get affected with cavities. However, to make sure that the health of your jawbone is properly maintained and that the surrounding natural the surrounding natural teeth are not disturbed with cavities, you need to take care of the tooth.

Just as you maintain the health of your natural teeth, you need to brush, floss and clean your dental implant. Visiting a dentist at regular intervals will ensure that there is no difficulty of acquiring infection.

However, to make sure that there is no difficulty associated with the dental implants, you need to choose a good dental clinic in your area. They will make sure that this surgical treatment process is done properly and that the implants do not impose any trouble on the jawbone, your overall oral health and on the rest of your healthy natural teeth.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dental Bridges

To understand the details of a crown mentioned below is a complete guide to dental bridges:

What is a crown and Bridges?

A tooth shaped cap, which is usually placed over the tooth, is called a dental crown. South Wimbledon dentists use it to restore the shape and size of the tooth in order to provide strength and improvise its appearance. A proper dental implant  when cemented in a correct way covers the tooth’s visible portion up until the gum line. According to the NHS dentists in Wimbledon, both crowns as well as bridges are the prosthetic devices that are fixed. As other removable dental implants, these cannot be removed for cleaning or any other purpose and these are cemented with existing implants or the tooth it.

Requirement of a dental crown

Any of the mentioned below situations may require a dental crown:
  1. It holds together a cracked and a weak tooth thus protecting it.
  2. It restores a broken tooth.
  3. Protects and covers a tooth that has large tooth fillings.
  4. Keeps a dental bridge in place.
  5. Covers a discolored tooth.
  6. Covers and protects dental implants.
  7. Covers a tooth that underwent root canal treatment.
  8. Sometimes dentist uses it for cosmetic modifications.
In children it may be, used for some other reasons as well:
  1. It may be used in order to save tooth decayed and is unable to support a tooth filling.
  2. A child cannot maintain the oral hygiene and thus there are chances of tooth decay.
Different types of Dental Crowns

The crowns that are permanent, are made up of from stainless steel, gold, alloy, silver, porcelain that is fused with metals any kind of resin or any types of ceramics.
  • Stainless steel: Wimbledon dentists say these are most used for children and are prefabricated crowns for temporary use.
  • Metal crowns: The dentists opine that when it is compared with other types of crowns, here the least tooth structure needs to be removed they are also the ones that last longest and are durable.
  • Porcelain crowns that are infused with metals: This is the dental implants that, matches the color of the tooth, The durability of these tooth are lesser but gives a look similar to normal tooth.
  • Crowns with all resin metal: These are pocket friendly ones but are prone to damages.
  • Complete ceramic or complete porcelain: According to Wimbledon dentists, the patients with dental allergies use these crowns and they give a look similar to that of the natural tooth. However, they are not too strong when compared to any other kind of crowns.
  • Milled crowns or Zirconia: Wimbledon dentists prepare them digitally at their office or even at labs where they have software and hardware to manufacture them. These crowns do not require impressions.
  • Temporary Vs Permanent crowns: Professional Dentist can make temporary crowns at their office, which may be of stainless steel or acrylics and are, used for temporary restoration. Permanent crowns are, made in the dental laboratories.
Guide to Dental Bridges working

The crowns are used in order to completely cover a damaged tooth as a cap. It straightens a damaged tooth, improvises the appearance of the tooth with shape as well as the alignment. Sometimes the dentists also place them on the implants so that the structure and shape of the tooth is, maintained with proper functioning.

The dentists in Wimbledon suggest a bridge when there is missing tooth either one or more. The gap created by the missing tooth leaves a space free movement of the nearby teeth thus disturbing the normal functioning and this may lead to disorders to tempo mandibular joints or even gum diseases. When a bridge treatment is done, it fills in the gaps, which are also called as anchors abutments and bridge.

Life of crowns and bridges

The treatment Cost of bridges is not much of botheration to the patients as they most often lasts lifetime though there may be instances where they fall or become loose. But to increase the durability the best way is maintaining oral hygiene, generally problems occurs when it loses the binding with the teeth due to decay or any other dental disease. By brushing twice a day and maintaining proper hygiene followed by frequent dental checkups, the spent cost of bridges is also taken well care of and other dental severities are also prevented. The dentists of Wimbledon recommends to avoid chewing hard objects to increase the durability of the crowns.