Friday, 17 March 2017

Bacteria are always present inside your mouth. They can never be fully cleansed but neither they are always problematic. The problem actually begins when the actions of bacteria are harmful enough to create cavities and reach down to ruin your gums. Hence, people in Wimbledon are time and again advised to visit a dentist for routine check-up.

Consulting a dentist is a lot more troublesome when you are affected with a dental issue than on regular visits. Do not let the mythical fear for dentists and their tools keep you away from a healthy dentition.  With heed to your negligence; yet, to keep you away from oral health problems, identifying these three signs will help you to get early dental treatment.

Condition 1: Pain in Tooth

This is very easy to identify. No not a sudden twinge felt occasionally indicates anything, but you know each time when you chew food, the pain in the tooth conveys that it is trouble. Acid in the plaque wears away your tooth enamel creating cavities, which becomes an easy door for the bacteria to reach the interiors. Again, plaque full of bacteria attacks your gentle gums as well, where plaque hardened into tartar is impossible to get rid off by normal brushing and flossing activities. On damaging the gums, the bacteria attack the supporting bone and the roots. Prominent cavities and inflammation of the gums should be taken care of at the time; else, the torturing pain will compel you to consult a dentist.

Condition 2: Faded Toot

Now, you can comprehend why dealing with a dental issue is necessary from the very beginning, rather than delaying the treatment. Regarding discoloration of tooth, not every discoloration would lead to pain in tooth or its loss. Tooth or teeth get discolored on prolonged exposure to sodas, alcohol, coffee, tea, nicotine products etc. Use of certain medicines is another angle, which contributes in formation of the yellow tint. Bleeding as a result of trauma experienced by your tooth, can also discolor it. However, such staining is usual and can be fixed with teeth whitening treatment available in Wimbledon.

But, while brushing or flossing your teeth, when you see spots of discoloration on tooth, from light brown shades to darker ones, it may indicate that the enamel and dentin are destroyed.

Condition 3: Bad Odor

Bad odor inside your mouth can take place due to many factors. Even certain food items lead to ruining your breath like garlic, onion and tobacco. Brushing and flossing will take care of it. Else, bad breath also occurs when bacteria combine with the food you eat, especially the ones rich in sugar and starch. Food that gets stuck on the tooth enamel or in between will eventually rot and add more to bad breath. 

Increased bacterial action means more production of acid to form cavities and plaque to degrade your gums. In both cases the bacteria reaches the interiors and cause abscess in the roots. When you exert pressure on this unhealthy tooth while eating, the bad odor indicates presence of puss, which requires dental care.

A dentist will thoroughly understand your problem, crosscheck your dental and other medical histories, to suggest you the ideal treatment. If required your dentist will do X-ray and dental screening to identify the problem flawlessly.