Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wedding Smile Makeover Tips

Wedding season gives you enough opportunity to be joyous, feel elated and smile your heart out in utter joy, fulfillment and overwhelm. Not just for the would-be bride and groom, but also the guests need a wedding smile makeover. It is especially important during the wedding season as you never know when an invitation might come in your way.

3 easy tips to have your smile ready for the wedding season:

If you want to ready your smile for wedding season, you need to follow these 3 easy tips.
  • Teeth whitening:
Professional teeth whitening procedure is the best way to get smile makeover for wedding season. Using prefabricated trays the Opalescence Trèswhite technique can offer an almost immediate result. On the other hand, the dentist might prepare the tray specifically for you to suit your dental setting, depending on your dental impressions, as taken by the dentist.
  • Have a dental appoint before the wedding season:
If you have a dental issue, an undiagnosed cavity or pain in your gums, these need to be catered to before the wedding season. This is because; otherwise the pain might worsen, making it an emergency dental condition. So, to avoid such situation, visit the dentist before the wedding and have the ensuing and possible problems treated or at least take necessary precautions.
  • Cosmetic dentistry:
If you have chipped tooth, broken or lost tooth or if you are concerned and conscious about your smile due to some other dental flaw, you can have it treated and taken care of with a good cosmetic dentistry treatment procedure. In that case, the dental implants, dental bonding, dental inlays, dental bridges and even composite or amalgam fillings can be considered as the best cosmetic dentistry procedure. They can give the best smile makeover and repair almost any kind of problem associated with the appearance of your teeth.

Monday, 4 January 2016

5 Common Myths About Dentists

Many dental decisions are hampered because of the myths that people have regarding the dentists, in most of the cases. These myths are mostly associated with the price of dental treatments and services, the time it will take to heal, whether the patient will be able to move around immediately after the dental treatment or not, how they would recover, what NHS dentistry is and how it is different than private dentistry.

As you visit a good dentist, all these myths will easily be dispelled and you will be able to have a proper dental care. These myths often keep the patients away from having dental treatments and as a result, their oral condition and dental health often deteriorates due to negligence. If you have any of these myths, you will now be able to get rid of the misconceptions.

1. A dentist must be visited twice a year

People often think that it is a must that they visit a dentist once in every six months. However, that is not a fixed fact. The frequency of visit depends entirely on the need or condition of the teeth. If the dental or oral condition is poor, the visit can be as frequent as once in every three months. Otherwise, it can be once a year. Since the dentist will also check if there is any threat of oral cancer or possibility of some serious disease, the dentist will diagnose that as well. So, visiting a dentist frequently will only ensure advanced diagnosis of possible oral problems.

2. NHS dentists choose patents

There is no specific eligibility criteria that you need to follow when it comes to finding the NHS dentist. For every UK citizen, there is the same eligibility criterion. You can compare the price, information and reviews to ensure that the best dentist is chosen.

3. Treatments offered by an NHS dentist are limited

NHS dentistry does not include cosmetic dentistry. It focuses on dental care and treatments. But the dental care and treatment services are all included in this service and on the very first visit and appointment with the dentist, you will be able to know about the services that are and aren’t covered by the dentist.

4. Private dentists are too highly priced

This is not a true fact. In the competitive market, the prices are always competitively discounted. Since the private dentists decide their own fees, they always ensure that they offer the best and most affordable price in the market, so that they receive more patients. Rather than a NHS Dentist Wimbledon, a private dentist offers a wider range of services at home and this is not too expensive.

5. You can register yourself with an NHS dentist

Although you can compare and choose your NHS dentist, there is no registration available for the services. The communication and professional relationship between a patient and an NHS dentist lasts only for as long as the treatment continues. Once that is complete, the contract is discontinued. You cannot register yourself to the dentist and become a permanent patient to the NHS dentist. However, private dentistry or private practice can offer you contractual or permanent treatment plans, in which you will be able to see the same dentist every time and the relationship continues as patients choose to visit the same dentist time and again.