Wednesday, 27 July 2016

You might work hard to care for your beautiful smile; however age and disease are some factors that may take its toll on the teeth. Poor oral health may be the outcome of some injury or inadequate dental care. For individuals who always hide their mouth and teeth and as such, do not want to smile whole-heartedly, there is a new innovation in dental technology that will prevent tooth loss, gum disease, cavities and bone deterioration. Dental implant is the suitable solution for all those who re suffering from broken, damaged, cracked or misshaped teeth problems. This blog discusses about some signs when you need dental implant treatment.

You have a broken or cracked tooth

If you have a broken or cracked tooth that cannot be fixed without restorative dentistry techniques, dental implant or crown may be your option. You can also choose dental implants in Wimbledon for replacing missing teeth. Your dentist in Wimbledon will examine the condition of your tooth/teeth before suggesting any kind of treatment. He will try to save your tooth structure from further damage. However, if it is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, you may need to opt for tooth extraction and an implant for replacing the damaged tooth.
You have loosely-fitted dentures or partials

Many people suffer from loose fitting dentures and partials. Dental implants can replace dentures or particles that may become loose throughout the day. You do not have to worry about your dentures falling out in public while eating or talking. Dental implant will look and feel like your natural teeth, too. You will no more have to suffer from various problems that loose dentures may pose.

You are experiencing bone loss in the jaw

Dental implants can help in preventing bone loss in your jaw. The implant placed in the socket of your jawbone acts as artificial tooth that is made of titanium. Titanium naturally bonds to the bone tissue and this process is known as osseointegration. It enables implant roots to stimulate the growth of jawbone like natural tooth root.

You have a sunken-in facial appearance

People who wear dentures will have a sunken-in facial appearance. This happens due to bone loss as you become old. Dental implants can help to overcome this problem as the jawbone becomes stimulated when implants are placed. Implants will look like your natural teeth and your smile will remain the same. You may schedule a consultation with your dentist for dental implants and solve your teeth problem.

Your teeth are not functioning properly

Sometimes, the teeth do not function properly when you are eating, chewing and speaking. This change may occur due to teeth grinding or bruxism, biting issues and other dental problems. However, when you find something not right with your teeth, it is advisable that you visit the Wimbledon dentist immediately. There are times when it is not possible to fix a badly infected tooth. In such a case, tooth extraction or dental implant is the right solution for your teeth problems.

Talk to the dental practitioner before you decide to go for dental implant treatment for your broken, cracked or damaged teeth.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Smile is the most important aspect of the face. Throughout the life, our teeth face a number of exposures to stains and damages and thus, lose the dazzling whiteness and the perfection. Damaged teeth change the appearance of your face and make your smile ugly. The services for smile makeover procedure can make sure that your tooth shape, gum tissue, facial appearance, colour of the teeth and the lip size are in perfect proportion. The advancement of the cosmetic dental procedures and the various smile makeover options, your smile can be repaired well.

Teeth whitening:

The most common and the most accessed smile makeover and cosmetic dentistry treatment is teeth whitening. This procedure is a professional one and unlike the at-home teeth whitening procedures. The Wimbledon dentists use professional grade chemicals and special equipment and tools to remove the stubborn stains from your teeth and bring back the dazzling whiteness of your teeth.

Up to a number of shades of whiteness can be achieved in a single sitting of teeth whitening procedure. There are Zoom teeth whitening, white light teeth whitening, Opalescence and bright teeth whitening procedures. The dentists ensure that during the procedure, you teeth do not experience any sensitivity.

However, in many cases, the dentists in wimbledon also offer the at-home kits to help the patients achieve and maintain the whiteness right at the comfort of their homes, without visiting the clinics or without spending the huge amount of money. But of course, at-home kits can never offer the same results as the professional ones.

Dental implants:

If the smile in your face is looking ugly because one or more than one of your teeth are missing or lost or broken or damaged, it is a must that you replace them. And when replacement is the option, dental implants are the best ones. This is because; the age old dentures and dental bridges are not at all comfortable and are not long lasting.

The implants on the other hand, can fill the gap permanently. Why dental implants are the best cosmetic and smile makeover treatment is because the implants can prevent the neighbouring and existing natural teeth from moving, by preventing the gum tissue loss and damage and also by preventing the jawbone from being dissolved. The implants will not only help you to chew, eat and smile like before, but it will also enhance your self-esteem and the stability of the implants will give you confidence and comfort.

Invisalign braces:

Misaligned teeth are yet another problem that often troubles a number of people. It forms problematic bites and hence, people often face the trouble in eating and chewing and speaking. Also, the appearance of the teeth is so ugly that the confidence level goes down. The traditional metal wire braces worsen the condition further by making you look even uglier and also by adding to the discomfort of poking wires.

The Invisalign braces on the other hand, are virtually invisible and they are made up of clear plastic. They are set of plastic braces in the forms of trays that can be worn on the teeth. The position of the tray will pull and push the teeth to the desired position and during the treatment; nobody will be able to see this. You can eat what you like and maintain your dental hygiene by removing the braces, whenever you eat, brush and floss.

Porcelain veneers:

Do you have a chipped tooth? Have your teeth gone discoloured and stained beyond treatment? Crooked teeth, teeth gaps and other such minor and major dental problems can well be managed with the porcelain veneers. These are thin porcelain chips that are paced over the crooked and damaged teeth with a resin adhesive. The veneers match the colour of your teeth and hence, look absolutely natural.

Now that you have known about the various cosmetic dentistry and smile makeover treatments, you need to find the local dentist for smile makeover. He will recommend the best treatment suitable for you.