Thursday, 11 February 2016

Get Crystal Clear Smile

Hygiene is no doubt a very important issue to deal with. In case you are not aware, you can easily feel awkward in front of your friends, family and colleagues. This is why one should always take care of physical hygiene. Oral hygiene is also quite important for your health.  Presence of yellow stain on your teeth can cause severe damage to your image in front of others, especially when you are meeting new people. Therefore you need to keep your teeth bright white all time. We are here to present the tips on how to keep your teeth stain free all the time.

What is Teeth Stain:

In general human teeth are not yellow or stained. Studies show that excessive consumption of some coloured food and beverages can easily discolour your teeth in a very ugly way. Apart from this, the tartar part of teeth may create a very sticky film which allows the bacteria to be born and grow. It also allows other staining agents to be grown on the teeth surface areas.

Safety Measures:

Even though a bright smile is the most wanted thing for everybody, that does not mean one should spend thousands on it and hours after hours in a dentist’s office. One can question what they have to do as smile makeover procedures.

According to the top most Wimbledon dentist, it really does not take much to solve this problem. All you have to do is follow some really simple rules.
  • In the morning the working people don’t really have much time to use whitening strips and sit around for at least ten minutes. Therefore, the easy way is to use over-the-counter whitening strips and let it whiten your teeth while you are taking a shower.
  • After lunch, in order to keep your teeth stain free, swish water in your mouth for 30 seconds. You can also keep a bottle of mouthwash at the desk so that you can have it available anytime you want.
  • Munch any raw fruit or vegetable like apple, guava, and pears and so on. The procedure of munching will produce saliva which initiates the removal process of bacteria and whiten your teeth.
  • While out for partying, opt for lipsticks with blue undertones like rose, red, burgundy, plum shades which can make your teeth appear instantly brighter. On the other hand lipsticks with orange undertone can make your teeth look dull and yellowish.
  • After dinner pop in some whitening gum. This is one of the easiest among other smile makeover options. These gums contain stain-removing calprox and act swiftly.
  • The final one is the age old one. Just like it is unwise to go to sleep without removing your make up, similarly don’t go to bed before you brush your teeth. Apart from your regular brushing, try to save some time for flossing too.

Follow these easy tips to get a brighter smile every day.