Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Are you suffering from tooth decay? Are you looking for a better solution of your dental condition? Do you live in or around Wimbledon? – If all your answer is “yes” then stay tension free. You will get the best dentists in Wimbledon here who is always at your service to help you in any type of Dental Filling procedures and to provide you the best solution for your dental health and hygiene.

As we all know that different dental problems are one of the most common and inevitable health crises among all. There are different types of dental problems and a number of solutions for them. Tooth decay or the chipped tooth or some of the most common dental hitch. But don’t worry; there are different dental filling procedures to get out of this situation. But the question now is “What is dental filling?

Dental Filling Basics

Dental filling is a healing treatment procedure to heal a damaged tooth. The filling process is used mainly to protect tooth damaged by decaying or to minimize the dental gaps and to repair the tooth break. But the Dental Filling procedures are not a permanent solution. You may need to replace it time to time, but the tenure of a filling depends. It is also unusual but possible to reform tooth decay below the fillings. That’s why you need to go for regular check-ups at a dental practice as they can only find out if you need a filling replacement. The Wimbledon dentists apply the filling process after removing the decayed tooth material and then clean the affected area and put on the appropriate type of filling.

Types of dental fillings

There are different types of dental fillings which includes the most regular types – Gold fillings, Amalgam filling, Composite filling, Porcelain filling. Gold fillings are custom-made in dental lab and then cemented into the hollow space made in teeth. Gold fillings are commonly well endured by gum tissues, and may continue for more than 20 years but quite expensive. On the other hand Amalgam fillings are strong but comparatively inexpensive but due to its dark colour and easy visibility these fillings are avoided mainly in front part. Composite resins filling is another type matched to be identical with your teeth and hence visibility is rare. Though these fillings are not good for bigger cavity and also chip get stained eventually. Porcelain filling on the other hand is custom-made in lab as well matched with your tooth colour and also stain resistant. This filling is also quite expensive as gold fillings.

Reasons for replacing fillings

There may a lot of reasons behind the failure of your former filling. But here we are mentioning the most common reasons which you may face anytime. Hope these reasons will help you to be knowledgeable about the factors–
  • Tooth Decay
The main element of tooth is enamel and therefore the weakening of the enamel is the main cause of tooth decay. This decay will cause the falling sensitivity and you would experience problems of chewing foods or drinking cold or hot. Sometime a dental decay hinders the speaking ability as well. You need to visit the dentist if there is any oddity you are feeling inside your mouth for proper investigation and there after the required treatment. Even after filling the cavity, decay may reform sometime. That’s why you need to visit dentist for regular check-up. If there is any leakage, or crack then decay can inlay very rapidly. So as soon as the decay found, you must replace the filling.
  • Physical Damage
There are some chances for fillings to get hurt and then damaged. Our regular chewing forces may slightly hit the filling and ultimately these can wear down fillings. Scrunching and grinding habits can also lead to extreme forces on fillings causing wear down.  Biting down hard on a filling may also fracture it, especially if the cavity and hence the filling is large.
  • Staining
Staining is a very common problem for some of the types of fillings. A stained filling sometime can cause infection or can lead to further decay. So you must be careful of it.
  • Leaking Fillings
A leaking filling is another common problem.  Filling can leak for regular pressure on it. Sometime the cavity gets enlarged and thus there happens a leakage.

Whatever the reason is, you must replace the filling soon as it gets damaged. To do so, you need to visit with a Dentist in Wimbledon at Confidental Dental Clinic time to time.

Monday, 14 December 2015

The very important and common question is how to fight tooth decay? How the local dentists in Wimbledon offer you the best treatment? Well, the solution is dental filling. Now you would ask what dental filling is! Dental filling is a particular treatment procedure to repair a damaged tooth. But the filling process is used mainly to protect tooth damaged by decaying and then to bring it back to its normal shape and task. To apply the filling process your dentist will at first remove the decayed tooth material, then will clean the affected area and there will be a cavity in your tooth after removing the damaged part. Here the Dentists in SW19 will start to fill the cavity to protect your tooth from further decaying.

How it is done?

Dentists apply different process as required by the patient. Mainly there are 4 types of dental fillings different from one another considering their material.  Materials used for dental fillings are usually – gold, amalgam (an amalgamation of copper, mercury, silver, tin etc.), porcelain and/or a composite resin, and an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and sometimes zinc).

Best Suitable Type for you

As we said that there are different types of fillings, so you may be confused in choosing the most suitable one for your dental condition. Here again the Dentists will help you to choose the correct one. Not any single type of dental filling is suitable for all. The dentists depend on few factors like – the extent of the filling, if the patient has any allergy with any of the materials used in a particular type of filling, the place in your mouth where the filling is required, and obviously the patient’s budget.

Know the Types

Your doctor will help you to choose the best suitable type of filling for your tooth. But you should know some of the basic information about the types of dental fillings as well the basics about the dental fillings procedures to gather an idea how long it would take, or how much it would cost and else.
  • Firstly about the Gold fillings – these fillings are custom-built in dental laboratory and then tiled into the cavity. These gold fillings are commonly well endured by gum tissues, and may continue for more than 20 years. That’s the reason why people often consider this filling even after its high costing.
  • The Amalgam fillings are strong but comparatively low-cost. Though it is cost-effective, due to dark colour and its visibility these fillings are avoided mainly in front tooth.
  • Another one type of filling is the Composite resins which are matched to be of identical colour as your teeth and hence used where a natural look is preferred. In the case of amalgamated filling all the materials are mixed and put on directly into the cavity, where they get coagulated. But these fillings are not good for larger cavity and wear eventually and also get stained.
  • Finally the Porcelain fillings which are also custom-made in lab and then attached to the tooth. These can be matched with your tooth colour and also stain resistant. This type of filling costs more or less the same as gold fillings.