Monday, 2 January 2017

Sugar can be the Worst Nightmare for Your Teeth

Teeth decay is caused due to acid secretion from bacteria present in your mouth. These micro organism feed on the sugar in your daily diet. The level of acid excretion in mouth increases with the hike in sugar intake. Saliva helps neutralise the acid to a certain level. Residues of food hide between the teeth and are difficult to clean. Using an interdental brush and floss can help in removing these acid producing agents and maintain a clean mouth. You may visit your dentist at Wimbledon and know the right way to take care of your dental health.

Sugar consumption and cavities

Protect your children from tooth decay and cavities by limiting sugar and carbohydrate intake. The consumption of sugar during various holidays increases drastically. Halloween is an event when kids consume more than 7000 calories, which is more than average day consumption. Excess of sugar can harm your teeth and lead a person to diabetes, obesity and various health conditions. The rate of child obesity and teeth cavities has increased at an alarming rate.

Methods to reduce the intake of sugar

It is quite easy to keep our hands of sugar but keeping kids off sugar based food items is a challenge. Some ways how you can cut down on sugar intake to boost oral care are:
  • Double check the ingredient list for the amount of sugar in packaged and processed food.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks as it is popped fully with sugar.
  • Fruit juice is considered to be healthy but contains large amount of sugar.
  • Eat green vegetables and have a balanced diet.
  • Home cooked food is better than restaurant foods.
  • Take artificial sweeteners instead of taking sugar.
  • Cut out the temptation by not putting any sweets or sugary items on the table.
  • Syrup, sauce, honey or cereals contains sugar, use them wisely.
  • Enhancing your food with spices like ginger, cumin and nutmeg might result into something amazing.
  • Eat fresh fruits but avoid canned or dried ones.

Preventive care

Prevention is better than cure. Wimbledon dentists want you to follow some preventive measures for dental care. They are:
  • Diet: You should carefully plan your meal time and avoid eating foods or beverages that contain sugar.
  • Dental hygiene: Routine brushing and flossing are pre-requisite for healthy teeth, fresh breath and gums. The techniques of brushing followed by many patients are not effective. A teeth hygienist can guide you to the proper methods of dental care.

  • Fluoride: Using fluoride based toothpaste is the reason why kids have less cavities and tooth decay. You can seek advice from a professional in case you are taking additional supplements.

  • Smoking: People who smoke are likely to suffer from gum problems. This habit cause lack of oxygen in the bloodstream thus, put the healing process at stay. This leads to infection following teeth extraction or any other dental treatment. It puts a person a step closer to throat and oral cancer.
Taking care of your teeth will benefit you in the long run. Consult with your dentist and maintain good oral health to boost your self-confidence.

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