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Causes of Sensitive Teeth and Its Treatment

Cause of Sensitive Teeth and Treatment

The inside part of the tooth is made primarily of dentin which is known to comprise of microscopic tubules filled with tine endings of nerve. A hard outer layer of enamel is known to protect the dentin within the crown portion of the tooth. The dentin extending down to the root of tooth is protected by a layer of cementum.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

As per experts, nerve irritation and dentin hypersensitivity take place due to loss of the protective covering of enamel. It leads to the exposing of nerve endings towFards hot, cold, sticky and acidic foods which leads towards trouble in teeth. People generally wonder why tooth become sensitive.

Some causes of sensitive teeth include the following dental issues:
  • Eroding of teeth due to highly acidic food items and beverages
  • Grinding of teeth at night
  • Worning of tooth enamel due to usage of hard toothbrush and aggressive brushing
  • Receding of gum leaves tooth surface exposed
  • Not brushing teeth on a regular basis
  • Decaying of tooth, broken teeth and worn leaky fillings lead towards exposition of dentin of tooth
  • Leaving post dental treatment results unattended. Procedures include crowns, tooth bleaching and fillings.

Preliminary Treatment

After getting to know the causes, it is high time to know how to relieve from sensitive teeth. The preliminary treatment includes having a detailed conversation with the dentists in sw19 to get to know some tips to get rid of this discomfort. It is better to tell openly the symptoms, the time off commencing of the pain in order to get the best solution. Advice regarding warm compresses can also be taken.

Gum Graft – Protecting Root Surface

After the dentist in Wimbledon successfully determines the reason for sensitivity, he will be on his way to treat the underlying cause. The treatment considered to be best in such case includes fixing of cavity, replacing of a worn filling and many more. He may suggest a gum graft in case the discomfort comes from gum loss that exposes root surfaces. This procedure will protect the root surface and support of tooth.

Usage of Desensitizing Products

There may arise some situations where there remains no obvious cause for pain and sensitivity, there still exist numerous treatments for proper management of sensitivity. A dentist in Wimbledon Park generally applies an in-office fluoride gel for strengthening tooth enamel and reducing painful sensations.

It is advises not to go with over-the-counter desensitizing toothpastes as they may block off the nerve endings into the exposed dentin. There are numerous toothpastes that have been approved must be used on a regular basis for fetching best results within a few days. It is suggested to rub some amount of toothpaste directly on the affected area after brushing.

By simply knowing the vital causes of sensitive teeth, the input by an expert dentist will help to solve this mystery. People suffering from painful sensitivity that keeps one away from eating must not think twice before making an appointment with the dentist in Wimbledon Park. This will give them back their old lovely days when they used to have ice creams.

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