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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Address the Causes of Enamel Erosion and Gain a Healthy Oral Condition with Wimbledon Dentist

Causes of Enamel Erosion and Gain a Healthy Oral Condition

If you know that brushing twice a day is enough to keep your teeth white and healthy, then you might be mistaken. Many people carry on having those practices and yet suffer from many dental issues. The real problem behind the complications that they have is the bad habits that they cannot get rid of and yet those bad habits continuously harm the oral health of the persons. Enamel erosion is one very significant trait of these traits. Identifying these complications and getting rid of it, is something that can offer the best results.

What are the Different Bad Habits?

Avoiding Rinsing Process after Meal:

Many avoid proper rinsing after taking the food. As a result the food particles get stuck in the teeth and in time start the erosion process. The enamel slowly is stained because of this.

Drinking Beverage Materials:

Most of the beverage materials contain harmful substances, specially carbonated water and sugar that affect the enamel of the teeth in the long run. That is why the experts opine to drink these beverage items as less as possible.

Avoiding dental Check Ups

In the dental check ups the enamel is properly checked and then treated if any problem is found. Visiting the dental clinics at least twice a month is essential for that. However, many tend to avoid the visits and as a result, the enamel portion of the teeth gets affected for a long term. This is one of the major causes of enamel erosion.

Cleaning the teeth too much

In many cases, the individuals get obsessed with the cleaning process and as a result, they carry on with too much cleaning. This at times makes the enamel layer thin and sensitive. The cleaning process should be regular but limited.

Consuming too much of lemons

There are many who love to have lemons. Then there are many who use lemons to clean the teeth. But the acidic elements of lemons affect the teeth enamel to a great extent. It is better to squeeze the juice out of the lemon and then drink it with straw so that it does not affect the teeth.

Hard Brushing

Many people brush too much or apply too much pressure while brushing to wear off the stains. However, this heavy brushing actually makes the enamel worn off fast. Therefore, it is important to make the pressure low.

Using Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking

Many have the bad habit of the thumb sucking. If from childhood thumb sucking continues that it can eventually lead to poor teeth formation. The bad habit can also give birth to other dental health related problems also.

The Bad Habit of teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is one of the bad habits that results into the bad teeth formation. It is therefore recommended from Wimbledon dentist to consciously reduce the habit of teeth grinding.

Using teeth for unlikely works

Many a time’s individuals use the teeth for the tasks that can be quite harmful. That not only the bite pressure in tearing of or biting of the things other than the food items can affect the root of the teeth but also that the materials can affect the enamel of the teeth. So using the teeth for the other tasks is not proper.

Avoiding the tongue cleaning

Many also avoid cleaning the tongue. That is the reason the bacteria from the tongue spread over the teeth and affects the enamel. The best local dentist in Wimbledon strongly recommend tongue cleaning for preserving the dental hygiene.

Holding Pencils with the teeth

This is another bad habit that affects the teeth settings. The pressure of the pencil affects the teeth settings if it is held on regular basis.

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